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Free Surface Workshops

Surface tablet on a table.

Your Surface, Your Way

This 30-minute workshop will introduce and get customers excited about the new Surface family, their features, and accessories. Participants will gain a better idea of what the new Surface family has to offer and what device is best for them.

Free 3D Printing workshops

A 3D printer on display in store

Explore the World of 3D Printing

In this 90-minute Microsoft retail store exclusive workshop, you will discover the world of 3D printing with MakerBot®, the leader in the desktop 3D printing industry. You will learn about the many uses of 3D printing, a brief history and terminology, then come away with ideas on how it can apply to your creative and business worlds. With demonstrations and hands-on explorations, you will discover the “Three Ways to Make."  This workshop is intended for all who are curious about 3D printing.

Educator workshops

Features three different hour-long workshops all focusing on helping teachers with tools to build out lesson plans using high school Math, Science and English Language Arts. Receive hands-on training delivered by our expert staff, course reference material, and all the necessary tools to apply technology to make planning less time consuming, delivering lessons more efficiently and offering new way to make learning more fun and engaging. Each attendee will be offered use of a device and software for the duration of the workshop.

Group of children working together at a table

Teaching Math: Repetition that Builds Math Muscle

Explore new and easy tools to help your students learn, practice and review math concepts over and over again, and have fun while doing it. Using Microsoft OneNote and third party applications, you can give your students everything they need to review every step you taught in class to make homework time more effective.

Best in Class: 21st Century Science Lesson

Find new ways to allow your students to learn hands-on when teaching science concepts. See how you can use 3rd party peripherals such as lab microscopes that connect directly into a PC or any tablet equipped with a USB port, so that your students can see their lab work right from their own computer. Learn how Microsoft OneNote can provide you ways to collaborate and present your rubric, PowerPoint slides, videos and recordings all in one.

Student Collaboration and Learning Together in the Cloud

Othello Goes to Hollywood! Discover how to offer fun ways for your students to produce a modern-age Othello movie! Find out how Microsoft OneNote can be a vehicle for lesson delivery by giving your students everything they need to complete a project. This session covers integration of applications with OneNote, such as Movie Maker, PowerPoint and your Windows phone.

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Find free Cre8tive workshops like these

The Cre8tive workshop series introduces attendees to four different forms of art using Windows 8.1 products are your medium; Photography, Art, Music, and Movies. Receive hands-on training delivered by our expert staff, course reference material, and all the necessary tools to create your piece. Take the workshop that interests you or the entire series to deliver a masterpiece using a component of each.

woman on ground using laptop

Cre8tive Photography

Learn the techniques pro shutterbugs use, like the Rule of Thirds, angles, perspective, and other tips in the photography workshop. You’ll also be introduced to Adobe Photoshop Express, Microsoft Windows Photo Gallery tools to fix red eye, adjust focus, set mood, and crop images to make your shots more compelling.

Cre8tive Art

Let your imagination run wild in our art workshop with tools and applications for creating art or modifying images. Use Microsoft Windows Photo Gallery, Adobe Photoshop Express, WordBrush, and PowerPoint to change the mood, add effects, and more to create an original piece of art that expresses your creativity.

Cre8tive Music

From composers to rock stars, this workshop shows you how to create original music using Music Maker Jam. Choose your genre, create your composition, add harmony and adjust tempo to articulate your sound. We’ll even show you how to share the finished product with your friends using Xbox Music and SkyDrive.

Cre8tive Movies

This cinematic workshop teaches you how to add movement to your photographs and paintings using Windows Essentials Movie Maker and BLINK Clipets. Plan your story, shoot footage using the Surface Pro, and compile it all in post-production. Edit, add effects and sound, and share your award-winning masterpiece.

Group bookings available. Local schools, community groups, and organizations are all invited to take part. Talk to your store associate for more details.

Find free Windows workshops like these

Transitioning from Windows XP to Windows 8.1

This 30-minute workshop introduces new key Windows 8.1 features and gives you five key differences between Windows XP and Windows 8.1 making your transition easier than ever. We will demonstrate:

  • Why the new Windows makes tablets and touch PCs even better
  • Many new ways to personalize and integrate your devices, including new built-in apps
  • How to be more productive with Windows 8.1

Fundamentals of Your Windows Device

Setting up your Windows Device has never been easier. Once you have purchased your new Windows 8 device, we will help you set it up just the way you like it. Learn how to log in, use live tiles, charms and apps all with just a touch or a gesture. Hear about the new family safety feature, Xbox SmartGlass, and more.

Online Safety & Parental Education

This workshop is designed to teach you how to keep your kids and your family safer online. You’ll learn what controls are available to protect your kids, and what social situations they can expect. We’ll show you how to make your home a safer place to go online, even if you are not a computer expert.

Power of Touch

This workshop introduces customers to the Power of Touch and pen input on touch and pen enabled Windows devices. Windows tablets and PCs with touch screen and pen input capabilities enable users to get the most out of their Windows and app experience by providing both traditional input methods such a mouse and keyboard, plus the ability to swipe, tap, pinch, zoom and more using their fingers or a digital pen designed for their device.

Find free Office workshops like these

Excel 2013: Fundamentals

The Fundamentals of Excel 2013 Workshop introduces new users and users who are upgrading, to the features and functions of Excel 2013. This workshop demonstrates how to select templates, set up spreadsheets that look great, and create reports that show the data in an easily understood format.

Excel 2013: Working with Formulas

Let Excel do all the work. Search for and apply functions that create simple or more complex formulas. With formulas in place, automate the spreadsheet. Use Pivot tables to analyze and compare data. Once the spreadsheet is ready, protect the data by locking features or the entire workbook.

OneNote 2013: Fundamentals

This workshop introduces customers to Microsoft OneNote 2013, a digital notebook for capturing, storing, and sharing all kinds of information—notes, photos, audio, videos, web links and more. Use OneNote to keep the information you need at your fingertips. With OneNote’s powerful search capabilities, you can easily find exactly what you are looking for. Full integration with the cloud means your notes and information are saved and searchable wherever you go — on nearly any mobile device, tablet, or browser.

Outlook 2013: Fundamentals

This workshop introduces Microsoft Outlook 2013, a one-stop information management system that organizes your emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, and to-do lists, all in one place. The workshop covers each view, and highlights new features and is appropriate for new users upgrading from any previous version.

PowerPoint 2013: Create Powerful Presentations by Adding Visual Elements

No more boring presentations with slide after slide of bullet points. Learn how to add images, diagrams, videos, and animations to PowerPoint presentations. Want a great way to display your photos? Use PowerPoint to create photo albums and create visual effects to add interest.

Word 2013: Create Professional Documents, Reports & More

Spice up your documents with tasteful themes and preset styles that coordinate with other Office products. Inset quotes or key points with text boxes, and add graphics for a polished look. Want to check the latest revisions? Compare documents side-by-side or have Word detect the changes.

Office 365: Fundamentals of the New Office

Find out how the new Office can make your life easier. Once you’ve purchased your subscription, we’ll walk you through all the new tools and features. Whether you use the new Office for school or work, we'll show you how to be more productive and collaborate more efficiently than ever before.

Look for free Windows Phone workshops like these

Fundamentals of your Windows Phone

Windows Phone 8 is built with technology that feels less technical and more personally unique. In this workshop learn how to set up your phone using the set-up wizard, personalizing the Lock screen and Live Tiles with the most important information. We’ll demonstrate how to add Live Apps, load contacts into the People Hub, personalize Kid’s Corner, use SkyDrive, Xbox Music, Local Scout, Bing Vision Office, Camera and Lenses, Skype, and Games Hub.

Going Mobile with Windows Phone & Skype for Small & Medium Businesses

This workshop focuses on how small-to medium-sized businesses can increase mobility using Windows Phone and Skype Premium. Windows Phone offers a comprehensive on-the-go business solution right out of the box, bringing you closer to co-workers, customers, and the people you care about most. As a built-in feature on Windows Phone, Skype Premium makes it easy to stay in touch through video calling, international calls, screen-sharing, instant messaging, and file sharing.

Look for free Entertainment workshops like these

Out-of-the-Box with Xbox One

Learn some great tips on getting the most from your Xbox One when you attend this workshop. Our experts will demonstrate how Xbox One has something for everyone, taking you through the basics of navigation and landing on features like great games, apps, and other entertainment options.

Switch from iTunes to Xbox Music

This workshop is designed to show music enthusiasts how they can switch from iTunes to Xbox Music & Video, importing their collections and taking advantage of the new features we offer. Also covered will be what content can and cannot be used outside the iTunes environment, including a detailed understanding of which parts of music libraries can be used.

Movies, Music & Gaming

This 30 minute workshop covers the wide variety of entertainment options that Xbox brings to the living room. Designed for parents and social gamers, this workshop illustrates how Xbox is the perfect device for watching movies, listening to music, and watching live TV – as well as playing games. This workshop also covers Kinect, SmartGlass and working across devices.

Look for free Small Business workshops like these

Bing Ads Express

Bing Ads Express is a new online marketing tool created especially to help small and medium size businesses gain online presence through a simple interface and hands-off ad management. With no keywords to choose, or bids to set, learn how to promote your business across Bing, Yahoo and Partner sites in this complimentary workshop, where millions of people are searching for businesses just like yours.

Mobility for small and midsize business

This workshop focuses on how small-to-medium businesses can increase mobility using Windows Phone and Skype Premium. Windows Phone offers a comprehensive on-the-go business solution right out of the box, bringing you closer to co-workers, customers, and the people you care about most. As a built-in feature on Windows Phone, Skype Premium makes it easy to stay in touch through video calling, international calls, screen-sharing, instant messaging, and file sharing.

Taking care of business with Windows 8

This workshop highlights the Windows 8 features that are key to small-to-medium sized businesses. We’ll introduce you to the experience of touch and gesture, the highlights of the new Start screen, our amazing apps, and live tiles. We’ll also show you how the mouse, keyboard, and desktop remain an integral part of Windows 8. This workshop includes discussions and demonstrations about the benefits of cloud-connectivity, as well as specifics on how small-to-medium sized business owners, managers, and employees can be more productive with Windows 8.